Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, 2018-02-19
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    Answers to some of the most Pressing Questions

    The new alliance will focus particularly on the production, dissemination and application of knowledge needed for managing anthropogenic global change according to the principles of sustainable development.

    Crucial topics are the complex dynamics of the physical Earth system; functionality and resilience of biosphere diversity; world food production and global public health in the 21st century; planetary commons and planetary boundaries; integrated mitigation-adaptation strategies; climate-compatible energy mixes; novel concepts of urbanity and rurality; equity under global change; induced innovation and transformation – to name just a few. Taken together, the cognitive agenda aims at giving answers to some of the most pressing questions humankind is facing today.

    The Earth League will deliver its insights through a range of products and formats: feasibility studies requiring only seed money from internal or external sources; fast-track studies as solicited by third parties; workshops and conferences for advancing frontier fields; in-depth studies and assessments that transcend the means of the individual partners; co-development of simulation instruments; model inter-comparisons, etc.
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